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You have to eat now. You even want to eat. 

The first spoonful causes you to make a sexual sounding moan as you chew throughout and wash down the bite with a sip of water. You practically beam at him you’re so pleased.

"It’s perfect. Thank you. Thank you so much."

Slowly you make it through almost three quarters of the bowl, making contented little noises the whole way through. It was very thoughtful of him to do this for you. Never would you imagine him making you troll stew, simply because he wanted you to eat. He just accepts your craving. 

Now you feel like an asshole.

"The best thing I’ve tasted since Dad’s last kill. My stomach is full signore, I don’t want to push too hard right now. I will eat more later or tomorrow. "

You aren’t really sure how to apologize. It’s not something you’ve done often. 

"I’m sorry for acting like a child. I feel insecure and out of place, no excuse, but….sorry."

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=> You watch him enjoy himself, pleased with the amount he consumes and pleased with seeing that he doesn’t pick around the vegetables to get at the meat. This will be easier than you thought. 

You nod when he says he’s full, taking the rest of the bowl and putting it back in the pot. 

"It is all for you and it will keep in the fridge. You may have more later or for lunch tomorrow."  

=> You set the pot in the fridge for him to have for later. The apology is unpracticed but good enough to accept and tell he means it. You sigh and sit back down with him.

"Alizar…This is a game for me. You know this yes? There is no reason for you to feel insecure. You and I are playing a game. Together. Which I wouldn’t play with you if I did not have interest in going further with you."

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King Kong (2005)


King Kong by Rafael Albuquerque

It was beauty killed the beast



"Not too hard to explain. Lot’s of trolls have a daddy kink."

You finish your tea and set the teacup on the table, pushing it to the side so you can lean forward.

"You have an excellent selection of toys, perfect for playmates I would imagine. I’m sure you have no shortage. Though, don’t you think your playmates should take care of you as well?"

You wink an offer a wide grin. He really is attractive. You wonder what color he pumped down your throat. It’s doesn’t matter, just for curiosities sake.

"Such a geneous Vati deserves to be spoiled in his own way," you bite your lip ring and look down with a soft purple blush high on your cheeks.

[[ cercrp

=> You grin when he seems to not only accept your kink but understand it. You have had others become repulsed. Not to say you were always rejected, but the poor reactions you had gotten always made you nervous. 

The offer of pleasing you makes you arch an eyebrow and you grin, leaning forward to look back at him. 

He really was a darling troll. Soft purple eyes and a gentle but playful face. You wondered for a moment if he would dress up for you. 

"What did you have in mind?"

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I propose PodKahuna/CercRP! One of the first people to RP with me after my loooonnnnnggg hiatus.


There already has been a promo for Cercrp but I’LL SHOUTOUT TO THEM AGAIN.

Because they really deserve to be promoed, all their trolls are really original and their prose is amazing.

Give a look to cercrp podkahuna cercustrolls ! All thos blogs belongs to the same person and they’re all perfect!


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But you’re both very sweet.))



You accept the chocolate strawberry cake and cup of tea with a smile and little chirps of happiness. Between bites and sips you try and answer his question.

"I’ve been a circus jumper for most of my sweeps. Jumper as in, I never could stay in one place for long, mean case of wander lust. Not real active with the church. I did trapeze, wire, rings, aerial ribbons, and generally just a bunch of acrobatics and tumbling."

"I had…a bad experience with the last group I was with, so I’m trying to put down some roots. I’m going to be teaching gymnastics to wrigglers now! So add wriggler wrangler to my repertoire."

You pick the last crumb and dollop of frosting off the plate with your fingertip, popping it in your mouth and sucking it clean.

"Delicious, thank you. What about you? and if you don’t mind me asking, I do like it but, what is with the vati and prinzessin thing?"

You giggle and cock your head.

[[ cercrp

=> You listened with interest at his mention of the circus. You enjoyed the non religious circus’s very much though they were few and far inbetween. But his comment about teaching wrigglers makes you smile. 

"Ah but wrigglers are so darling! I bet you will be fabulous with them. Not many trolls can train wrigglers to do anything~" 

=> He finishes his cake and you’re tempted to offer him another piece. But then he’s asking you about your kink and you blush a little bit under your makeup. 

"Auch. It is an old hang up of mine. It’s hard to explain really, but I like to take on playmates and spoil them. Prinzessin. And I am their sugar daddy or Vati."

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