This is an Rp/art blog for my non circus fantrolls (Circus trolls are on cercustrolls)

You can call me Cerc~!

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♦ Luthor for Marieh

"Fate. Or maybe Blessing. Or might be Mine. This motherfucker has lots of first thoughts about my lil babe. "

Send me a “♦” for the first word my muse thinks of when your muse is mentioned.

your trolls are very interesting. especially Corvid and Morate.

Aww well thank you friend~ 


Kimahri x Auron (FFX)

Took a while to finish this. Here’s another NSFW commission for a client of mine! Originally BnW sketh, but I color it a bit. This time it’s Kimahri n Auron. Enjoy the view~


As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.


A tiny glimpse into middle age torture techniques.


Real basic how-to. : U <3 Guro.. Thrown together for my friend marigoldtrigger to help her with basics.  It’d be cool if some other ppl found this useful too so! 

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